October 1, 2017

Are you committing these 6 video marketing sins?

By now, we’re sure you’ve heard how important it is to incorporate video content into your overall marketing strategy. Reports suggest that video will account for 80 per cent of all internet traffic by 2019. It goes without saying that there is a difference between creating a video and creating a video that contributes towards your long-term business goals.

In our line of work, we encounter many businesses, some of which have already dabbled into video marketing and others, who are investigating their options.

Here are the 6 most common video marketing sins we encounter on a regular basis.

Sin #1: Your video doesn’t speak to your target market

Many businesses fall into the trap of wanting to market their products and services to everyone. Those in business for long enough will know that not everyone is going to become a customer. Video is far more effective when focusing on one group of people and how your product or service can assist them and their pain points. When scripting your video, decide who your video will address and be sure to speak in their language. The more defined your audience, the better the result.

Sin #2: It’s too long

As business owners, often, we are incredibly passionate about what we do. Sometimes, this leads to people creating a video that is too long. The ideal length of your video depends on a number of factors but keep this in mind: many thought leaders estimate that you have about 20 seconds to capture your audience’s interest. In other words, you need to lead with strong content. Think about the last time you watched a video that you found disinteresting – how long did you continue watching before switching off? Chances are, it wasn’t too long.

Sin #3: The video is poor quality

Platforms such as Facebook Live and Zoom mean making video content is far easier and more accessible to almost everyone than ever before. There is definitely a place for DIY videos but it’s incredibly important to consider your branding and your messaging when opting for a professional video or a DIY job. For instance, if your target market is high-end customers, you need a polished video. Consider what you’re looking to showcase with your video and use your judgement wisely.

Sin #4: Failing to brand your video

Again, this is more of an issue with DIY content but we feel it’s important to discuss. Ultimately, you want people to remember your company’s name and what you do after watching your video. You can have the best video in the world but if your potential customers don’t walk away remembering your business’ name, you haven’t succeeded with your video marketing. You can easily brand you video with your logo, your website URL, prompts to social media channels and so on. Doing so shouldn’t be an afterthought!

Sin #5: Your call to action is unclear

We see this one often when a video is trying to do too much. A video that tries to jam-pack too much information into a short period of time ends up confusing people more than anything. You need to direct your potential customers as to what you want them to do after watching the video. Popular calls to action include: “Visit our website,” “Head in-store” or “Give us a call now.” Never assume people will connect the dots and know what to do next.

Sin #6: You haven’t put together a strategy to market your video

Like any other form of marketing, you need to make a commitment to video to see real results. The chances of you making one video and seeing it go viral within a 24-48 hour period are unlikely. You need to consider where you’ll place and promote your video and then monitor your video analytics regularly to determine what’s working and what isn’t. What dictates your strategy from the beginning is what you’re aiming to achieve with your video content and how that will contribute to your long-term business goals.

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