September 1, 2017

5 questions to answer before filming video content

Thanks to Smartphones, computers and the rise of social media, more people are jumping on the video bandwagon than ever before. For people like us who love video, it’s really encouraging to see people whipping out their Smartphones and jumping onto social media and getting involved. Our team has come up with 5 questions that we strongly advise people to answer before they release their video out into the world.

Question #1 – Is my content engaging?

It sounds like a silly question but this one is best answered with this in mind: not everyone will enjoy the topic you choose to talk about. Is your video going to be engaging enough for people who aren’t automatically drawn to the topic at hand? Take a step back and answer this one honestly. In terms of delivery, we always tell people to be themselves on camera. If you’re naturally conservative and you try to make a joke or add humour to your video in an unnatural way, it won’t be beneficial. Likewise, use your judgement. Humour is a great tool but you wouldn’t want to use it in a video that has a very serious subject matter front and centre.

Question #2 – What am I trying to achieve?

When people post a video, there is always a motive. It could be to educate their target market, to tell people about a special or offer you’re running for a limited time, to raise awareness about a certain matter… whatever it is, get clear on what exactly you’re trying to achieve with your video. Doing so will help you to ensure you get the best possible results.

Question #3 – Will people watch past the 10 second mark?

And when we say ‘people,’ we don’t mean employees, friends or family members! Think about how noisy every platform is these days. Regardless of whether you’re placing your video on Facebook, YouTube or even on your own website, people are time poor and they typically tune out after a few seconds if you haven’t managed to gain their interest. Upon viewing your final product, stop the video at the 10 second mark and consider if you’d keep watching (if you weren’t the one filming it of course).

Question #4 – Is my video sharable?

We need to talk about a couple of factors here. Everyone wants their video to go viral but honestly ask yourself: is this the kind of video people are going to share? Generally speaking, people will share videos that they find amusing, funny or believe can help others within their network. You also need to make it easy for people to actually share your video – if you’ve uploaded it onto your website but people can’t click a button to share it via email or their social media platforms, you’re making it harder for your video to be shared. Don’t forget to upload your video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and wherever else you can to encourage others to share it.

Question #5 – Do I have a call to action that is enticing and easy to follow?

This one’s really important. After watching your video, what do you actually want people to do? Sign up for an email newsletter, purchase a product, click on a link to find out more information… whatever your call to action is, make it clear and ask yourself if the content within the video relates to what you’re asking people to do. If it doesn’t, you need to go back to the drawing board.

In our books, it’s fantastic that more and more people are becoming interested in filming videos. While DIY videos definitely have their place, it’s wise to consider if a DIY solution is appropriate for your business and what you’re looking to communicate and represent with your video. Remember, your video is an extension and reflection of your company and your brand.

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