June 28, 2017

3 videos every business needs

Once upon a time, a business owner might have been forgiven for questioning whether online video might be yet another ‘trend’ or ‘latest fad’. However, as we hit the second half of 2017, it’s clear that online video content is skyrocketing faster than ever, making up a staggering 80% of all internet traffic this year alone.

It’s a huge statistic but if you ask us, it’s not at all surprising given that video is one of the easiest ways to effectively communicate to people in a world where consumers are time poor and seeing more content than ever before. In addition to being engaging, video increases conversion rates meaning all businesses need to have solid online video content (and ideally, a Strategy) to compete in today’s marketplace. Video rewards you with better ranking results on search engines like Google (aka Search Engine Optimisation or SEO) and sees people staying on your site for 2 minutes longer on average.

Just starting out with video? Need some pointers to guide you in the right direction? Our team at Just Video Production have put our experienced heads together and come up with our top 3 videos we know every business needs.

1. Quality testimonial videos

What’s more powerful than you shouting out to the world how great your business is? Getting your customers to do it for you! A quality testimonial video is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate how you solve your customer’s problems and is a handy tool for any business out there. You’ll notice the best websites dedicate an entire section to testimonials and for good reason too. Think about the process you undertake when looking for information about a product or service – you’re likely to look at reviews, ratings or comments provided by others. Take the work out of it for your customers by creating a testimonial video that rewards your business with credibility and is the perfect PR piece.

It’s important to source the right customers for a testimonial video… the people who believe in your brand and communicate effectively. On camera, you want them to be as natural and comfortable as possible so help them out by giving them a list of questions that helps them to think and create their own script that speaks positively about your business. To say thanks for their time, you can offer the customer a freebie or special offer to show your appreciation.

In this example, you’ll see how a 55 second testimonial is effective in communicating a few key messages, ending with a strong call to action.

2. A team or company presentation video

Commonly called the ‘About Us’ video, the idea of a team or company presentation video is to capture your brand and the people behind it in 2 to 3 minutes. When your customers see the people who are the heartbeat of your business, it allows them to connect with your organisation on a deeper level. The effectiveness of this kind of video comes down to the ability to ensure your team’s personality shines through, while reiterating the importance of team work and showcasing snippets of the ‘how’ behind your work.

When Just Video Production embarked on this Company Profile video for IPMG, we set out to construct a video that included the history of the business and key information about the company such as how many people it employs, what it does, how it differs from its competitors while also showcasing some of the highly reputable brands IPMG works with.

3. Product demonstration videos

Simply said, these videos allow your product to be the star of the show – they explain what your product is and its value to your target market. We love these videos because you can really have a lot of fun with them and inject your company’s personality into the final product. Essentially, these videos are all about showcasing your product from all possible angles, giving viewers a complete picture as to what they can expect.

All of these videos are professional in nature and allow their subjects to showcase the brand in question, its products/services as well as their customers. At Just Video Production, we love all things video and we’re committed to ensuring that businesses of all sizes can tap into and maximise video content without blowing their marketing budget.

Contact us today to discuss your unique needs and to get video working for your business!